First try-out of the video conference equipment

The Namangan State University (Namangan Davlat Universiteti) was the first UZDOC 2.0 partner to use the new video conference equipment of their virtual doctoral center. Thanks to the equipment, cooperation possibilities with Ural State Medical University (Russia) were discussed. The doctoral defense council in the fields of Pedagogy, Physiology, Botanic, Biology of the Namangan State University will be making use of the equipment too. 

Pulatkhon Lutfullayev, UZDOC 2.0 partner from Namangan State University and in charge of the installation of the equipment testifies: "The video conference equipment acquired through the Erasmus+ Project UZDOC 2.0 is unique at Higher Education Institutions in Uzbekistan and is a new milestone in the enhancement of the quality of doctoral education in the country."