Contact with the Project Coordinator:

UZDOC 2.0. Project Coordinator & Legal Representative:

Ms Kris Dejonckheere | Secretary General

Phone: +32 2 514 78 00


UZDOC 2.0. Project Officer and Main Contact Point for UZDOC 2.0. Partners:

Ms Marta Brelih-Wasowska | Project & Communications Officer

Phone: +32 2 514 79 00


Contact Persons at Partner Institutions


P2 - Politecnico di Torino

Ms Irene Gino (maternity leave)

International PhD Officer

+39 011 090 7881

Ms Claudia Giordano

International PhD Officer

+39 011 090 7884

P3 Universidad de Granada

Ms Teresa Bajo

Director of the Doctoral School for Health Sciences

UGR International School of Posgraduate Studies

+34 645885732


P4 Université libre de Bruxelles

Ms Bibiane Fréché

Head of Postgraduate Office


+32 2 650 23 20


P5 Eötvös Loránd University Budapest

Ms Katalin Felvinczi

Vice-Dean, Faculty of Education and Psychology



P6 Tashkent Financial Institute

Mr Ulugbek Khalikov (interim)

International Cooperation Officer


P7 Namangan State University

Mr Pulatkhon Lutfullaev

Head of International Relations Department



P8 Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute

Ms Zebo Babakhanova

Head of International Relations Department, PhD



P9 Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education

currently waiting for the nomination of the new Contact Person (information as of 31/01/2018)

Former Contact Person: Mr Janpolat Kudaybergenov

Chief Specialist of General Department for Implementation of New Programs and Textbooks



P10 Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture

Mr Eldar Yuldashev

Lecturer of Sound Production



P11 Qaraqalpak State University

Mr Allabay Arziev

Lecturer of Mathematics



P12 Karshi State University

Mr Abdulaziz Kurbanov

Docent of Biotechnology Department



P13 Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service

Ms Shakhnoza Kadirova

Head of International Relations Department