Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture organizes seminar for PhD students on "Structure of Scientific Research"

On the 16th of May 2019, UZDOC 2.0 project partner Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture organized a scientific seminar for PhD candidates in the Doctoral Centre of the Univesity. The scientific seminar, led by project participant Aripova Gulnoza, gathered PhD students from the Department of Language and Literature for a presentation on the topic of "Structure of Scientific Research". During the seminar, Hamdam Ismoilov presented a report on the subject which was followed by a discussion on the topic of the next scientific seminar.

The goal of this Scientific seminar (and others to come) is:

  • to enhance the quality of doctoral education;
  • to discuss the questions which PhD candidates come across  in writing a dissertation and scientific articles;
  • to share foreign experiences in doing research;
  • to learn the methodology as an important aspect of the research;
  • to disseminate about foreign Doctoral Schools.

The seminar is one of the first steps towards the operationalization of the Virtual Doctoral Center, whose establishment is one of the goals of the UZDOC 2.0 project. In the future, this Virtual Doctoral Centre will open a new door to carry out scientific seminars on an international level, allowing PhD students to lever their research by getting access to a wide spectrum of both human and research resources.

Scientific Seminar at Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture


Scientific Seminar at Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture