Workshop on Preparation of Guidelines to the Virtual Doctoral Centre gathers Uzbek partners in Brussels

Uzbeks partners were in Brussels on July 8 – 12 for a series of activities within the UZDOC 2.0 project, including a workshop on the preparation of the Guidelines to the Virtual Doctoral Centre.

This workshop is one of the last activities of the project, wrapping up all the learning that participants have acquired throughout the three years of the project in order to implement a successful and collaborative Virtual Doctoral Centre.

The guidelines will work as a statement about the mission of the Virtual Doctoral Centre and determine a course of action, including therefore structural and operational procedures. After meeting with experts Kenneth Wann from Cardiff University and Melita Kovacevic from the University of Zagreb, Uzbek partners will prepare the guidelines until the end of July. The guidelines will be presented in the final meeting of the project next September, in Nukus, and shared on the UZDOC 2.0 website.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Brussels, Mr Dilyor Khakimov, was present in one of the sessions of the workshop held at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). 

The Virtual Doctoral Centre will connect the universities of the consortium at first widening their access to research resources. It is expected that, later on, the virtual centre is expanded to include other universities in Uzbekistan. This has been reassured by a representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Secondary Specialized Education who, in a meeting in early July in Tashkent, mentioned that there are plans for the dissemination of the UZDOC 2.0 experience.