UZDOC 2.0 meet in Dubrovnik, Croatia, for Master Class on Supervision & Wellbeing

A delegation from the UZDOC 2.0 project was in Dubrovnik from September 1 to 4 for the 10th UNICA PhD Master Class about "Supervision revisited: Supervisors - PhD Candidates - Wellbeing, creating a balanced triangle".

This is an independent initiative from the UZDOC 2.0 project that takes place every year since 2009 at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies from the University of Zagreb, in Dubrovnik. In the last years, the event has been organized with the cooperation of the PRIDE Network, the Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education. The Uzbek UZDOC 2.0 partners were given the chance to join the initiative to explore a different topic which is becoming consistently present in the Higher Education Agenda. During the Master Class, the Uzbek participants met with fellow colleagues working in Doctoral Education to gain a wider understanding of wellbeing issues in Doctoral Education, spot the main reasons for an imbalanced triangle and identify levers to ensure or increase balance in your own institutional context.

Check the complete programme of the Master Class.