Erasmus+ Day at the Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute

On October 4-12, Uzbekistan hosted the Erasmus + Week organized by the Erasmus + National Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The goal of Erasmus + Week was to provide young people with information on individual participation opportunities in the Erasmus + program, as well as the procedures and conditions for applying for EU-funded institutional and research projects. Within the framework of the week, a number of events for young people, a photo and video exhibition of the Erasmus + projects that are currently underway, and a Master class on how to prepare successful projects for participation in the Erasmus + program was also held in different universities around the country.

As part of the Erasmus + Week, on October 7, the Erasmus + program day was organized at the Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute.

The Erasmus + Day started with a welcome speech by the Rector of the Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute, Professor Sh.A. Mutalov. The Rector spoke about the multilateral activities of the Institute, about the participation of teachers and students of the Institute in international academic exchange programs, as well as the active participation of the institute in Erasmus + projects UZDOC 2.0 and IQAT aimed at strengthening the potential of universities and capacity buildings. It was noted that the conference room in which the seminar was organized was also provided with video conferencing equipment and a smartboard, with the assistance of European Union Erasmus + grants to provide modern innovative methods of education.

Expert NEO Kudraton Bahadirov presented the topic on Erasmus + Program Activities in Uzbekistan, CBHE, Jean Mone Projects, MSCA Opportunities, and NEO Project Manager Gulshoda Karlibaeva presented opportunities for individual participants in Erasmus + program, International Credit Mobility Projects (ICM), Information on preparation of projects and participation in Erasmus + projects.

During this event, the teachers of TCTI Aziza Maksudova and Aziz Kamolov, who participated in the academic exchange projects Erasmus +, shared their experiences.

Aziza Maksudova participated in the exchange program from May 4 to 12, 2019 at the 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Julia University in Romania. In addition to giving a course of lectures on ecology to Romanian students, she also took an active part in seminars and training organized at the University.

It should be noted that the Department of Industrial Ecology of the TCTI established close cooperation with 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Julia University. In particular, from April 9 to 19, 2019, associate professor Bogdan Decabel Manoli gave a 10-hour course in Environmental Law for students of the Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute. Such events provide an improvement in the quality of education at the institute and contribute to the development of new curricula.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, 3 students and 4 teachers of the institute participated in exchange programs within the framework of ICM Erasmus + projects. In particular, at the University of West Timisoara (Romania), student of the department "Management of the industrial economy" Seitmetova Farangiz; at the Silesian University of Technology (Poland) 2-year student of the master's degree of the department "Informatics, Automation and Control" Kamolov Azizbek; at the Czech University of Natural Sciences (Czech Republic) Abbosbek Ikrombekov, a student at the Faculty of Food Technologies, successfully completed training courses for one semester at a foreign university.


Presentation by Azizbek Kamolov on participation in the academic exchange program in Poland
Welcome speech of the Rector prof. Sh.A. Mutalov


NEO expert K. Bakhadirov. Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute
NEO expert K. Bakhadirov


In his report, Azizbek Kamalov provided detailed information on the procedure for participation in the academic mobility program at the Silesian University of Technology during his graduate studies, paperwork, applying for and obtaining a visa to Poland. Azizbek Kamolov, who graduated with honours from the magistracy, is currently continuing his career as a teacher at the Department of Informatics, Automation, and Management at TCTI.

At the end of the event, the Head of the department of international cooperation Z.A. Babakhanova presented various areas of the Institute's international activities. It was noted that the Institute’s participation in international projects is expanding, in particular, the Institute has signed more than 72 cooperation agreements and memorandums with foreign universities, including 7 agreements on academic exchange programs KA-107 with Universities of the European Union (Spain, Denmark, Romania, Poland).


. Presentation by Azizbek Kamolov on participation in the academic exchange program in Poland
Presentation by Azizbek Kamolov on participation in the academic exchange program in Poland


In 2018, 58 employees of the institute and 24 students have studied and taken an internships at foreign universities; in the first 9 months of 2019 (January-October), 45 employees and teachers of the institute, as well as more than 50 students undergo graduate studies at leading foreign universities, such as Ulsan University, Silesian University of Technology, KNITU, joint master's program at TCTI-BSTU.

The event was attended by students, doctoral students and professors of the Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, as well as teachers of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University, who exchanged views on the development of international cooperation in the framework of Erasmus + projects.

Within the framework of Erasmus + Week, various events were organized by the Central Council of the Youth Union, the Council of Young Scientists of the Academy of Sciences, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, Tashkent Financial Institute, National University of Uzbekistan and Tashkent State Pedagogical University.


Head of International Cooperation Department of TCTI Z.A. Babakhanova
Head of International Cooperation Department of TCTI Z.A. Babakhanova


For the first time, an exhibition of photo and video online for the Tempus and Erasmus + projects (CBHE, ICM, CBHY) took place on October 11. The goal of the online photo and video exhibition was to present a wide range of photo and video materials with useful information about the success of the Erasmus + program and its impact on the development of Higher Education in Uzbekistan.


NEO Project Manager Gulshoda Karlibaeva
NEO Project Manager Gulshoda Karlibaeva


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